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Put images from a variety of hit movies onto your FB cover

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Facebook Timeline Covers Movies is a free download that holds fifteen picture files depicting different popular movies spanning from classic to more recent films. Armed with this download, a Facebook user can post one of these images onto their page and share with all their friends and connections an image from a movie that they love. The images loaded into the software are formatted to be the size and shape to post as a cover photo on a Facebook page, so the user doesn't have to spend time finding a movie-themed photo that even can be formatted to fit as a cover photo and then spend more time adjusting the size and the positioning of the picture in question.

However, there are only 15 images included in the download when there are so many great movies that could have been included in the series. Some of the images are striking, like the one for The Matrix, which shows three people illustrated out of the now infamous glowing green code. Another image that is particularly beautiful is the picture for Avatar, which shows a close-up of the yellow eye of Neytiri, the female lead in the movie.

Some of the images in the series are not as exceptional or as memorable. There’s a Star Wars-themed image that only shows the title of the movie on a black backdrop, which is not at all eye-catching. Some images are over-used and hackneyed, like the Jurassic Park theme that shows the same Tyrannosaurus skeleton that people have been seeing for 20 years. The picture for Lord of the Rings is the Fellowship of the Ring DVD cover. The creators of the software could have taken a bit more time in design and created much more unique pictures, in these cases.

The selection of movies is a bit strange as well, which includes some films that aren’t that well-known. There’s an image for the movie Tintin, which wasn’t very popular, and an image featuring Daniel Craig (the current James Bond), an obscure actress and no title. The point of putting a picture as your cover photo, other than expressing the user’s interest in the subject of the picture, is to appeal to the user’s connections’ similar interests: “Hey, I like that movie, too.” By using images for movies that aren’t that popular (Tintin, unidentified Daniel Craig movie) and images from movies with such mass appeal that a user’s interest in them doesn't make him unique (Star Wars, Jurassic Park), the software falls a bit short on content. There should be more images for cult classics, in which people are always eager to show their interest.

The download is easy to use, is very fast and requires no unzipping of files. The pictures are all high quality and very sharp. However, the lack of selection in the images available could make the user send the whole download straight to the recycle bin. If there were more images available, Facebook Timeline Covers Movies would be a great little download for beautiful movie-themed Facebook cover photos.


  • High-quality Pictures
  • Easy to use
  • Quick download
  • Some beautiful images


  • Small selection
  • Some over-used images

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